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Otus vom Ahler Esch
Bear Hills' Ember

Starting at 0545 on January 16, 2018 puppies began arriving.  By 1000 they were all here.  The final count is 2males and 4 females.  All the pups and mom are doing great.  While they all looked plated now by the time they are ready to go to their new homes in 8 - 10 weeks they will look much different.

All of the puppies have homes and the 1st will be leaving for Alberta, Canada on March 16th.  Three of the puppies will be going to Canada, 1 to British Columbia and 2 to Alberta.  One is staying with us, one is going to Utah and the last is going to Montana.  They are growing and by week 3 they are developing personalities and voices.  This have been a fun adventure, so far.  


One week old

2 Weeks Old

Grandsons Bridger and Bronson helping with socializing.

3 Weeks old

5 Weeks

7 weeks

Puppies who have gone to their new homes.

Eagle Rock's Aster
Eagle Rock's Aspen
Eagle Rock's Amiens (Panda)
Eagle Rock's Asher
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