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Eagle Rock Large Munsterlands is a kennel registered with the Large Munsterlander Association of Canada (LMAC) located in Evanston, Wyoming.  We have been involved with Large Munsterlanders since acquiring our first in 1990.  Our "A" litter was whelped on January 16, 2018 and we could not be happier on how well all 6 puppies have turned out.  Our B litter was whelped on June 14, 2021 with 10 puppies. See the B litter puppy page for details.  

 We are excited with both litters  as all dogs have passed all requirements by LMAC and exceeded most, to produce registry eligible pups.  We guarantee hips for three years against hip dysplasia with either a refund or replacement on the return of the dog unless the dog has been spay/neutered prior to reaching 1.5 years of age.

Our goal is to provide versatile hunting dogs to hunting homes while remaining true to the breed standards in all aspects. 













To learn more about the breed we refer you to the Large Munsterlander Association of Canada's website.  

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