Eagle Rock's "B" litter.

Our "B" litter is in the planning stages.  Eagle Rock's Alpine will have the privilege of being the mother of this litter. The Sire we have chosen is Sunnynook's Gustav (Gus).   We are now waiting for Alpine's next heat cycle which we are anticipating to occurr in April..  Once the breeding occurs we will have ultra sounds performed at 4 weeks and notify all those on our waiting list that we have puppies on the way and will request 50% of the price for the puppy then.  

We recently received the results of Alpine's OFA hips and elbows evaluations.  Her hips were determined to be EXCELLENT and her elbows, normal.   

Alpine participated in her Versatile Hunting Dog Federation's (VHDF) Advanced Hunt Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE) as well as her Confirmation Evaluation on August 29 .  Alpine passed both evaluations with very high marks and we could not be more excited with her.

We have decided that Sunnynook's Gustav (Gus) will make an excellent match for Alpine and anticipate a litter of very desirable pupps from the pairing.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these pups please visit the contact page and complete and submit a questionnaire.  

Update; April 8 through April 12 was spent in Idaho with Gus.  We have an appointment on May 10th for an ultrasound to confirm if the visit was successful.  Check in after May 10th for an update and hopefully for some exciting news.


Eagle Rock's Alpine. 

Sunnynooks Gustav (Gus)